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Definitely an Apple rip-off

July 22, 2014

Being a decent tech blogger, of course Vlav Savov (The Verge) couldn’t say the obvious, but I can: fuck Lei Jun.

Hell froze over, again

July 22, 2014

Who would have thought this could happen, it’s a different time alright.

The one thing Google didn’t mention at yesterday’s I/O keynote

June 26, 2014

Jack Purcher (Patently Apple) nails it, where was the fuckin’ Glass?

Chinese goverment reveals Microsoft’s patents used to tax Android

June 16, 2014

Great find by Joe Mullin (Ars Technica):

The patent lists are strategically significant, because Microsoft has managed to build a huge patent-licensing business by taxing Android phones without revealing what kind of legal leverage they really have over those phones.

It’s not personal, it’s just business?

The history of Android

June 16, 2014

This should help Apple win the case against Samsung, heck maybe even against Google.

Powerbeats 2: Beats’ first Bluetooth headphone

June 14, 2014

Ben Popper (The Verge):

On the other end of the spectrum, the new $199.95 Powerbeats 2 Wireless are Beats’ first foray into a Bluetooth headphone designed to be worn while working out and so are compact, lightweight, and completely wireless and sweatproof. Wearing them for hours at a time was not a burden, and the loop system keeps them secure in your ears.

Compact, lightweight, and wireless (Bluetooth) connectivity, “coincidentally” Beats release it after acquired by Apple.

Samsung tries again at iPad with its latest Galaxy Tab S

June 14, 2014

Dan Seifert (The Verge) tries to say the obvious as subtly as he can:

This year, Samsung is putting a huge effort into convincing everyone that it cares about design, and the Tab S models carry the same “Modern Flash” design theme as the Galaxy S5. Samsung tells me that its designers were inspired by minimalist architecture when building the tablets and the goal is to attain “ultra sleekness and slimness.” In reality, they just look like giant Galaxy S5s, complete with the same dimpled finish on the back and fingerprint scanners on the front.

He should have added: Samsung only cares about design only after Apple exposed Samsung’s copy-cat strategy.


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