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Apple’s A7: made for the long run

April 6, 2014

I just had the chance to read Anand Lal Shimpi’s in-deepth review of the A7 processor, and here’s that really caught my eyes:

Cyclone is a bold move by Apple, but not one that is without its challenges. …..  So for now, Cyclone’s performance is really used to exploit race to sleep and get the device into a low power state as quickly as possible. The other problem I see is that although Cyclone is incredibly forward looking, it launched in devices with only 1GB of RAM. It’s very likely that you’ll run into memory limits before you hit CPU performance limits if you plan on keeping your device for a long time.

In a theory, you could hold on to the iPhone 5S for a quite some time before upgrading to two or even three next generations of the iPhone. The A7 is that powerful, or in Apple’s own words: their most forward thinking iPhone.

Other manufacturers like Samsung and HTC believe upgrading the device in a yearly cycle is their most comfortable habit, if not the most profitable marketing. The A7 processor in the iPhone 5S shows that Apple is willing to break that kind of cycle, something those other manufacturers don’t want to ever happen, but something the iPhone 5S owners will really appreciate especially for those who rarely upgrade their phones.

Amazon’s kitchen “magic” wand

April 5, 2014

Speaking of “magic wand“, Amazon just came up with one, Nick Summers reporting for The Next Web:

Called Amazon Dash, it’s essentially a Wi-Fi and voice-enabled barcode scanner. So as your cupboards begin to look a little bare, the idea is that you pick it up and start scanning all the tins, boxes and bottles that you need restocked.

Cute idea, great ad, bad name. Looks like Amazon is focusing the device for kitchen grocery needs only for now, it’s possible they will expand it to their other on-line stores, so Amazon tries to play it safe with the naming. Or, it could be this is Amazon’s Trojan Horse for invading your house: through your fridge.

That’s why, I like how I called it better than they did.

Magic wand

April 5, 2014

Josh Lowensohn (The Verge) spotted a gem in the late Steve Jobs emails talking about the next Apple TV:

In a 2010 email that goes over the topics for the top 100 — a secret meeting Apple has each year with its top employees to discuss strategy for the coming year — there’s mention of “Apple TV 2.”

“Where do we go from here?” says one of the bullet points, followed by “apps, browser” and “magic wand?” as possible options.


Satya Nadella dodged the question on why the Office comes to iPad first not Windows 8

March 28, 2014

As usual, the sharp and witty Ina Fried (Re/Code) asked the most important question:

Asked by Re/code what he would say to loyal Windows 8 users still waiting for a touch-friendly version of Office, Nadella said, “We are committed to making sure these touch-first applications come to Windows 8.”

In other words: the iPad users base are much-much larger than our own Windows 8, so yeah of course we’re releasing it for iPad first. No brainer.

HTC One M8: blah, blah, blah…

March 26, 2014

Drew Bamford, head of user experience at HTC interviewed by The Verge on the newly launched One M8:

“We’re not that interested in selling the most phones,” he notes. “We’re interested in selling the best phones. And I think you can be profitable with both of those strategies.”

Shit, not only he dressed and look like Jony Ive, he also talks like he’s an Apple guy. It’s creeping me out.

He might as well featured in the One M8 ad itself, he’ll be perfect to enchant HTC’s new slogan of its flaship phone: blah.

BlackBerry wants to monetize BBM Money

March 26, 2014

Ina Fried reporting for Re/code:

“There isn’t a single monetization model here that needs to ubiquitously work or be forced on things,” said David Proulx, senior director of BBM Business Development.

Talk about forced things, this is one of them.

Duck you, Apple

March 22, 2014

Kelly MacLean writing for The Huffington Post:

Quite possibly a gift from God Himself, the iPhone puts all of the power of the universe into the palm of our hand. What do we do with it? Solve world hunger? Create a unified, peaceful global community? No. We take pictures — of ourselves. At such a rate that we’ve had to pollute the Oxford English Dictionary with the word ‘selfie,’ which sounds like a euphemism for jerking off… and basically is.



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