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The ultrabooks are coming

September 4, 2011

The guys at This is my next have been able to put together nice photos of the upcoming ultrabooks, displayed during the IFA 2011 event in Berlin. Taking a quick look at the overall design of those ultrabooks, it’s easy to know where their inspiration came from. Like in the picture above, the ASUS UX21 sits on the MacBook Air.

It becomes a lot more obvious when you take a look at the photo where the ultrabooks keyboard are laid out altogether along with the MacBook Air at their side. In term of hardware built quality, it seems Asus ultrabook is the one that stands out in the crowd. But they all have one common design in mind: razor thin edge, tappered if you prefer for more subtle word.

When unveiling the iPad 2, Steve Jobs said that 2011 will be the year of iPad copycats. He missed out the MacBook Air. While analysts and tech pundits keep on saying that there’s only ‘iPad’ category, not ‘tablet’, will it be the same thing for ultrabook?

I’d hope not, Apple need some real competition here.

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