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They’re just being lazy

September 11, 2011

Reporting for deeper insight on the conundrum of the upcoming ultrabooks that will soon hit the market, both Ars Technica and DigiTimes have one thing in common:

Peter Bright of Ars Technica:

“…technology-wise, everything needed to produce Ultrabooks already exists.

…but nothing about the Ultrabook concept requires new technology; it just requires the better integration of existing technology and practices.”

Monita Chen of DigiTimes:

“The sources pointed out that Intel’s ultrabook concept is not a brand new innovation, but a design to allow first-tier notebook players to quickly catch up with Apple’s advances in the ultra-thin segment …

… all the components will be soldered on to the machine’s PCB to save space and reduce weight, but the new methods will completely change the existing notebook production process of combining several modules together.”

The silver line: nothing new about the ultrabook, the technology was already available a couple years back, perhaps even more way back. But no one has ever come close to catching up with the success of MacBook Air, the reason? Price.

Apple has become this huge company with enormous business strength to overcome and control every channel of its hardware supply chain, it was done not overnight but through a decade of meticulous process of knowing every aspect of how its business operate. Allow me to shorten it: do your homework, and work hard.

So should we blame the CEOs for not having the vision to see this trend would come? Can we blame them for not innovating enough in the tech industry? I guess we can’t, since they’re all just being human like the most of us; being lazy.


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