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About that newly announced Kindle Fire

September 29, 2011

Amazon CEO; Jeff Bezos (pictured above) announced the new Kindle Fire, the top dog among its Kindle family line-up. So the rumor is true after all, a special credit to MG Siegler at TechCrunch, who leaked about the tablet long before the announcement made.

The Kindle Fire built is physically identical to BlackBerry Playbook, and it’s not without a reason, Ryan Block of GDGT found out that:

“Amazon’s team determined they could build a tablet without the help and experience of Lab 126, so they turned to Quanta, which helped them “shortcut” the development process by using the PlayBook as their hardware template.”

So in a nutshell, Amazon just copied RIM’s tablet along with its shortcoming (no 3G connection, WiFi only). The PlayBook is a disappointment, but that’s mostly because of the OS, not the hardware. Amazon knew this, and clever enough not to just build ‘another’ Android tablet, but instead follow what Apple did with iPad: set yourself apart from the rest of the competition by providing features from your own services.

But that’s not all that Amazon has copied from Apple, Matt Burns from TechCrunch nailed it nicely:

“Amazon did it right by copying Apple’s formula: tablets do not sell on specs; Amazon barely touched on the Fire’s hardware during its announcement. Instead, Jeff Bezos, doing his best Steve Jobs impersonation, stood tall on the stage and ran through a long list of features that makes the Fire an iPad alternative the world wanted.”

While it’s obvious that Amazon is rushing its new tablets out for holiday shopping season, it’s not the features that’ll attract buyers, but the most compelling factor is the price. “We are building premium products at non-premium prices,” Bezos boasted about Kindle Fire’s $199 price tag. But only time will tell if Amazon can really pull it off, better than RIM and many other tablet makers who have failed.

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