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Dear Steve, farewell..

October 7, 2011

Dear Steve,

I don’t know where to begin..

You left all of a sudden, everyone already said good bye, every possible words for you already been mentioned, I wish I can make mine short and simple, but I can’t.. After all, this is a good bye.

It seems like a bit rehearsed you know..

First, you resigned like you knew. Even in your resignation letter, you said: “Unfortunately, that day has come.” It is as if you knew, for sure. You also authorized someone to write a bio about you, Steve Jobs, the man known for his secrecy. Then it’s just a day after your minions unveiled iPhone 4S, you passed away. It feels like you wanted to watch it for the last time, to make sure.

Damn it, Steve. I thought you were going to overcome it again, like you did a couple times back ago.

There, every time a burst of anger comes out knowing you left, then somehow a serenity calms it down, or vice versa. It’s a maddening cycle. I’m pretty sure going nuts soon if I can’t contain this quick. [deep breath]

But you did well, you know. You left while you’re at the peak, at your very best. No, not physically. But in terms of performance, and what your team have made. Apple is now the most respected tech company in the world, not to mention the richest. And everybody, almost, love Apple iDevices.

You did it. And since you left now, you have become a legend. Very clever, no one can’t beat you. Not now, not in the future.

But still, you left. Leaving us here, all by ourselves, like sheeps lost their shepherd. Now who will protect us from those lame devices, poorly made by boring companies? Who will lead us, and show us the next insanely great things that will change our live? We will become an easy prey to those mischievous companies, tricked and enslaved.

Fuck, Steve. How could you? [deep breath, very deep breath]

I know, even though you left early, you have showed us an early glimpse of the future through your latest creations. What technology should do, it should be to make our lives better, to make us smile when using it. You left us with a great legacy, a very high standard of how devices should have been made. Now we know, and we won’t take any other else for less.

Even my pretty nieces know, they always prefer my iPad over their shitty Nintendo DS.

I wish I had the chance to learn you were about to go forever, then I would have sent you a ton of emails to say and ask lots of things. Hoping you will at least shortly answer one of them, and that will become something precious for me. It’s not just me I guess, everyone out there wishes the same like me.

Steve, you said you wanted to make a ding in the universe. So there, now you also know that you did that too. I barely know you, or even meet you in person, and so does everyone else who mourn you, but you make a significant impact to our lives. Not just while you’re still here around, but until some time to our next generation.

Somehow, in my own twisted little mind, I wish you’re reading all of our parting words somewhere up there with an iPad, on a cozy couch, in a nice and beautiful place. You take care now, Steve.

Thanks for daring to be different, and for showing us how to do it. Thanks for being an awesome role model, for me and for everybody who are inspired by you.

I think I’ll “steal” a line from Bill Gates for my last here; Steve, “it’s been an insanely great honor” having you in my life.

Farewell, Steve. You will be greatly missed.


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