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SJ remembered

October 10, 2011

Good afternoon, how’s your weekend?

I hope you’ve been able to put behind the gripping sadness upon realizing that Steve Jobs has gone forever from this mortal world and not going back.. [sniff] I know I had, and still is. But life goes on, and Steve probably would have told us to do the same thing.

There’s no greater tribute for Steve, than to always remember him from time to time. Not to mourn him over and over, not to say “what if Steve still around..”, or anything like that. But to remember his legendary actions, his figure as visionary leader, and his memorable sharp comments. Steve had his own way of thinking differently, and that’s how we always remember him as he was.

And there’s no better cure for sadness than one or two good laugh, lots of artist have been drawing funny anecdote about the after live of Steve Jobs. Like the cartoon above, made by Donar. And even The New Yorker has issued a special cover story of Steve Jobs at the Pearly Gates, both pictures show how much the influence of the iPad.

Let’s have a fresh start for the upcoming new weekend, shall we?

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