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Will you marry Siri?

October 12, 2011

If Siri is a gorgeous and sophisticated woman, that question would be a no brainer. Unfortunately, Siri is anything but.

Joshua Topolsky at The Verge (via This is my next) has scored one of the first iPhone 4S review, and spent some quality time with Siri. While the whole review will not impress you on the hardware, like Joshua has noted in his review, since it is exactly like the iPhone 4, the highlights cover mostly on these 4 parts: camera, iOS 5, iCloud, and Siri.

Overall, Joshua is impressed with Siri:

“The crazy thing about Siri is that it works — at least most of the time — better than you’d expect it to. It understands and responds to you in a way that’s so natural it can sometimes be unsettling. The software even has a good sense of humor. Asking it “what is the meaning of life?” will bring up a number of responses, both serious and not so serious.”

That is what makes Apple a better company than the rest of its competitors, Siri really work just like you are talking with a real person. And Siri even does it with a little humor. Like in the picture above, it can answer Joshua’s question to marry him with a bit of humor. You can feel Steve Jobs’ humorous touch on Siri, he’s still here..

Sure it still sound like a robot instead of a real woman voice, and our grandchildren will be laughing this moment when we were so amazed by all of this. But this is the start, a historic moment for all of us.

* Update: Walt Mossberg has also chimed in his review of iPhone 4S, and the title of his article says it all.

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