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Woz talks up about the other Steve

October 12, 2011

You must have heard the story over and over, about how a couple of youngster started that little company called Apple back then in a small home garage.

You’ll even have the chance to read the whole story once more when the authorized biography of Steve Jobs come out, but what you won’t be reading in it is the story being told from Steve Wozniak’s point of view.

As the co-founder of Apple, Woz is an important piece of its remarkable history. But he turned down the offer to partake on the bio written by Walter Isaacson, saying that he thought Steve wouldn’t want it. But then Woz reiterates that everything he said is already out there.

That is why Woz interview with Dan Lyons is noteworthy, highly recommended reading because there’s one or two gems inside that you probably haven’t heard before. Like did you know Woz is still listed as an Apple employee, and received 200 bucks every two weeks? I won’t spoil all the fun, you gotta read it yourself, but here’s two amazing highlights from the interview.

Woz asked if Steve died happy:

“Of course! If he were to sit back and say, “When I was young, what was my dream in the world,” well he achieved that 100 times over.”

And Woz about Steve’s legacy:

“I’m thankful Steve Jobs was there. ….. I look at all the recent Apple products, like the iPhone, the iPad, and even Pixar, and it was like everything Steve worked on had to be perfect. Because it was him. Every product he created was Steve Jobs. You’re not going to let an imperfect you go out.”

They may share the same first name, and even though they didn’t always share the same vision of their works, Woz and Steve have the same sense of humor.. *  And we love them both for it.

Another must read is Randy Wigginton interview, the whiz-kid who started working at Apple when he was 14-years old, and then known as Apple employee #6.

* Note: if you read Woz interview, don’t forget to look at Woz’s post in the comment section. Hilarious.

* Woz picture above is courtesy of Edward Woods

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