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About that allegedly leaked iPhone 5 design

October 20, 2011

Do you still remember that previously famous rumor of iPhone 5 “teardrop” shape, which Joshua Topolsky (This is my next) said he got a tip that the next gen iPhone will be radically redesigned from current model?

Well, it turns out they got it wrong. It was not the iPhone 5, it is the Galaxy Nexus.

Most probably was that Joshua’s sources got it all wrong, perhaps all they heard was this “teardrop” shaped smartphone belongs to a big tech company, correct. It is a high end smartphone, also correct. It is supposedly a smartphone with the biggest screen in the market, triple correct. But they got the name wrong, boom.

Matias Duarte, Android’s head of user experience, confirmed the Galaxy Nexus indeed has that rumored shape on an exclusive interview with Joshua:

It has a curved housing that gets smaller towards the top of the phone. The glass on the screen is arched as well. I tell him it looks like a teardrop shape. “It is kind of a teardrop shape,” he agrees.

So much for rumors, never trust ’em, can’t live without ’em.

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