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Two sides of the coin

October 22, 2011

I don’t really agree with Mathew Ingram’s post, some part do make sense, but when you’re talking about ‘usability’ then you’re talking about features, and when you’re talking about features then you’re talking about the technology that supports it.

But I do like his writing on the last paragraph. Speaking about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, is like speaking about technology and ‘when technology gets out of the way‘, they’re like the two sides of the coin. Inseparable.

Bill said that Steve had an “amazing instinct for what works” when it comes to technology, but whatever make Apple’s products tick and “just works”, the basis is still technology itself. What makes the big difference is, and I even don’t want to imagine this, when there’s only ‘Bill’ alone, no ‘Steve’ around. It’s a figure of speech; back then before Steve started Apple, people had to know how to write computer program to use one. Thanks to Steve’s touch on Mac computers, and up until today’s iPad, people don’t just use technology, but they have fun using it.

And that’s  ‘when technology gets out of the way’. *

* Quoted from iPad 2 ad ‘We Believe’

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