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For the beauty of the machine

October 24, 2011

Two of the first ultrabooks have arrived; Acer Aspire S3 and Asus Zenbook, they quickly got reviewed by several tech bloggers. Although these ultrabooks share the same sleek design, they are pretty much separated in performance comparison.

I only managed to tried out the Aspire S3 for awhile last weekend, and from what I read in the reviews, the Zenbook smokes the Aspire S3 by almost half in every performance tests. That shows how badly Acer made the Aspire S3, they’re rushing it. I feel bad for they who bought the Aspire S3.

If you’re interested in depth review of the Zenbook, including technical details, I recommend AnandTech’s review, he’s thorough as usual. While for the Aspire S3, Joanna Stern (This is my next) wrote a great review as well.

But one little detail caught my eyes, it’s about the simplicity design effort that Asus spend on the Zenbook. It’s the relocation of that ugly CoA sticker, which we usually find it on the bottom of the machine, now Asus puts it on the power brick. Anand nailed a very important fact in his review:

While it does improve the beauty of the machine, it also means that if you lose your power adapter you do lose your CoA.

And while Acer don’t make the same bold move like Asus, both companies sport the same minimalist logo of Intel and Windows stickers, making them more bearable to see whenever you open the ultrabooks. One more small detail though, is that the Zenbook’s Windows 7 sticker is colored in black, and the Aspire S3 has it in white. I like the one in Zenbook, because the color blends in with the keyboard cover, which is also in black.

Another thing you’ll notice every time you read an ultrabooks review is how often the MacBook Air mentioned, it’s for a good reason, because the Air is the very reason why computer manufacturers make ultrabooks, and how the ultrabooks hardware design is copying all of Air’s. This is falling more and more to “blatantly copying” category.

And that’s not all they’re learning from Apple, the computer manufacturers have finally come to their senses on making more beautiful product. Little details can have a huge impact, users know this best, especially after you touch and feel an Apple device.

* Note: The close up photo of Asus Zenbook at the top is courtesy of Murat Gamsiz

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