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The Steve Jobs effect

October 27, 2011

This looks like what Apple would have made, or what Steve Jobs would have liked; the Nest thermostat. By looking at the device, it’s very understandable why more and more people are talking about it. Tony Fadell, the co-founder of Nest is not far from Steve’s philosophy for simple yet gorgeous design, Tony help designed the iPod hardware back when he was still at Apple.

Tony didn’t just share the same passion to build great product like Steve, but he also started the Nest company in a garage at Palo Alto, rented though. While Steve started Apple at his father’s garage with Woz, Tony also helped by former colleague Matt Rogers.

The duo later poured all of their mind and hard work together to make the world’s first stunning thermostat, Matt then relate to Steven Levy at Wired on how their past experience have influenced the making of that elegant thermostat:

“It basically took all our years at Apple to do that. What makes an iPod play music for 24 hours is what enabled us to do this for the product.”

But what really struck me is Tony’s story on why he build Nest thermostat in the first place:

 And then the architects presented him (Tony) with the options for the thermostats that would adorn the walls of his perfect home.

They sucked.

Just like what Steve have done, he’s not the first, he’s not the one who invented it, but he made it better when nobody gives a damn.

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