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Thank you Microsoft for the iPad

October 28, 2011

Who would have thought it? Thanks to one annoying Microsoft employee, Steve Jobs was inspired (and driven) to made a ‘magical’ tablet as of we know it today; the iPad.

Steve  told the story in his bio written by Walter Isaacson, as excerpted by Killian Bell (Cult of Mac *):

 [Bill] Gates was annoyed that the guy kept revealing information about the tablet PC he had developed for Microsoft. “He’s our employee and he’s revealing out intellectual property,” Gates recounted. Jobs was also annoyed, and it had the consequence that Gates feared. As Jobs recalled:

This guy badgered me about how Microsoft was going to completely change the world with this tablet PC software and eliminate all notebook computers, and Apple ought to license his Microsoft software. But he was doing the device all wrong. It had a stylus. As soon as your have a stylus, you’re dead. This dinner was like the tenth time he talked to me about it, and I was so sick of it that I came home and said, “Fuck it, let’s show him what a tablet can really be.”

Jobs went into the office the next day, gathered his team, and said, “I want to make a tablet, and it can’t have a keyboard or a stylus.”

Funny how things would turned out to be.

I’m more interested who was that annoying Microsoft guy is, what was his reaction when Steve introduced the iPad, and when it has been sold more than 39.8 million units while Microsoft don’t even have a squat.

* Note: Killian made a reference to Lee Moran’s article at Daily Mail about this story, but it seems Lee mistakenly wrote the size of the iPad in his article.

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