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Five vs. five

October 31, 2011

I like the subtle comparison that Josh Smith wrote between Android and iPhone 4S, easy to read and much easier to understand for those who don’t like technical details too much. He made just five major things the phone does better than the other, but those five are the important features each phones have.

Although I don’t really agree on Josh’s take on Android buttons, for me more buttons mean more hassle to deal with. But at the same time Josh gives a good advice for this ‘personal’ preferences over the difference between Android and iPhone:

For the short term, I am still going to keep my iPhone 4S in my pocket and have whichever Android device I have as a secondary device. I’ll be bouncing back and forth as I review new phones to see which one I would pick.

If you can’t make up your mind yet, then bounce back between two phones. That is if you have the time, and patience.

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