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About that newly announced Nook Tablet

November 9, 2011

It’s game on. It’s a different kind of game that Apple and Google play, this is more like a small fight game compared to those tech giants. With the announcement of the Nook Tablet, Barnes & Noble is playing a catch up game with Amazon.

Can you honestly say you’re excited for the new Nook Tablet? I don’t think so. On the hardware specs, it’s only a slight different from Kindle Fire, or any other Android tablets out there. But apparently B&N is trying to toy with the consumer’s mind; the Nook Tablet sports 16GB of internal storage, plus an SD card slot for 32 GB additional storage, looks bigger than what the Kindle Fire has and seems to justify the $250 price tag ($50 bucks more than the Kindle Fire).

But what really strange thing is the main attraction of contents offered in the Nook Tablet are all cloud-based services, streamed from the cloud. The Nook Tablet will have deep integration of Netflix and Hulu Plus for movies, for music it will use Pandora, MOG and Rhapsody. All of these will need WiFi, although ironically B&N CEO William Lynch said “People aren’t always connected to the cloud” during the press conference.

Additionally, adding to the contradiction, B&N also announced Nook Cloud service. Which its icon immediately reminds me of the same cloud icon from somewhere someplace..

And one more thing, the icon is not the only thing B&N copied, its Newsstand too. Shame on you B&N.

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