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Trifecta of greater convenience

November 9, 2011

Alex Layne (Giga Om) made a good comparison list of what he’ll miss and won’t when he switched from Motorola Droid to iPhone 4S, and so far he’s just happy to made the jump:

Sure, I could do some of those things on Android, but the experience just wasn’t as good. Some will argue that that’s representative of Apple bullying users into buying only its devices, but for me it just represents greater convenience.

But among the list, this one strikes me as a surprise:

 Things I don’t miss about Android:  Google integration

With iCloud, I don’t need Google integration anymore. iCloud takes care of everything important that Google did, and does it without forcing me to use a clunky web app (except in the case of uploading documents from the Mac). This is why iCloud is such a huge deal for Apple: It takes away one of Android’s core advantages and improves on it in a way that Google can’t.

Google integration is supposed to be the main reason why users choose Android over Apple’s walled garden of iOS, but Google won’t be able to improve the user experience with so many Android devices out there in the market. The advantage of mass market share Google has before, now is slowly taking its toll.

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