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Pushing the envelope

November 12, 2011

Not everybody agree that mobile Flash is dead, Simon Bisson from ZDNet UK think it’s just moved house:

This isn’t a matter of HTML 5 beating Flash, more a matter of two technologies that complement each other and work well together (after all, you can include HTML5 content in an AIR application with Adobe’s built-in WebKit rendering engine). Flash is about doing what HTML can’t do yet, pushing the envelope like a test pilot – something that’s far better done outside the browser, removing its overhead and using native access to hardware to improve performance.

Sure, we can use AIR to convert and package the old Flash apps, or just use AIR since mobile Flash is no longer supported, but it’s more like a detour instead of going straight to the destination. HTML5 means it is a lot less hassle for users, and less friction to deal with from installing other softwares from 3rd party, because with HTML5 everything is already embedded inside the web browser itself.

Although Simon did make a good point there, Adobe is pushing the envelope with AIR, and unfortunately Apple is also pushing the envelope with HTML5. But like what I’ve said before in my previous post about the death of mobile Flash, it’s only a matter of time until everyone abandon Flash and starts adopting HTML5. We’ve already seen a glimpse future of Flash, and it’s not pretty.

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