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Skanky neighbor

November 12, 2011

Microsoft has opened a new store in to Northern California neighborhood, the 4,000 square feet store is located right across Apple Store in Valley Fair mall. The new store itself is a complete rip-off from Apple Store’s overall design, including the way they welcome customers with hollering and high-fiving everyone. Except that Microsoft added more bright colors in its store along with the staffs’ t-shirt, and the captivating screen-wall that stretches end to end on the side of the store’s interior.

It’s a successful opening event, many people lined up overnight and on the early morning. But apparently not all of those people were there to buy Microsoft products, Patrick May from Inside Bay Arena (via Cult of Mac) reporting:

But many admitted they were Mac lovers simply there for the freebies. In a brilliant marketing coup, Microsoft was dangling free concert tickets to the first 700 people in line to see either Black Keys or Joe Jonas. The crowd, which appeared to near the 500 mark shortly before 9 a.m., was mostly young people in their late teens and early 20s fiddling with their iPhones in line. When a reporter yelled out to the crowd, “who wants to buy a Microsoft product,” only one hand was raised.

I don’t understand why Microsoft have to copy Apple Store and use marketing trick like that, oh wait, that is Microsoft being themselves. Damn.

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