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‘Couch computing’ has arrived

November 17, 2011

The iPad never leave its owner’s home and mostly used in the living room, that’s according to a new research by McKinsey & Company presented at Forbes’ Techonomy conference. As reported by Erica Ogg (Giga Om):

In other words, it’s being used as just another home computer, like a replacement laptop for tasks such as watching video or browsing the web. While the iPad is “finding its way into places in the home we didn’t have computing in the past,” the living room is where people use their iPad: 70 percent of usage takes place there.

Said Bertil Chappuis, principal for McKinsey & Company’s Silicon Valley office: “The PC tried to get into the living room for 20 years. Well, it’s here.”

You don’t need a survey to see how the iPad is replacing PCs in homes all over the world, just Google it or search Flickr and you’ll see people are using the iPad on their comfy couch.

I’d rather call this phenomenon as ‘couch computing’, it rings true, and it’s here alright.

* Note: The incredibly gorgeous photo above is courtesy of the talented Mrs. Cindy

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