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Out of control

December 1, 2011

Stan Schroeder at Mashable reporting on Carrier IQ tracking scandal that got out of control:

In October, researcher Trevor Eckhart discovered that Carrier IQ is recording, among other things, your every keystroke and possibly sending it back to Carrier IQ’s servers. Carrier IQ responded by sending Ekchart a cease & desist letter and publishing a media alert, in which it claims the company is “not recording keystrokes or providing tracking tools.”

Fast forward to this week, when Eckhart posted video evidence suggesting that Carrier IQ is recording keystrokes and reading incoming SMS messages on Android, more precisely on an HTC EVO 3D. Worse, the app cannot be stopped or removed by the user.

It must have been embarrassing for the company, to be caught lying instead of apologizing immediately, now nobody will trust whatever they’re going to say next.

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