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Amazon’s walled of garden

December 4, 2011

Charles Stross gives an insight look from a writer point of view on Amazon dominance over ebooks:

DRM on ebooks gives Amazon a great tool for locking ebook customers into the Kindle platform. If you buy a book that you can only read on the Kindle, you’re naturally going to be reluctant to move to other ebook platforms that can’t read those locked Kindle ebooks — and even more reluctant to buy ebooks from rival stores that use incompatible DRM.

In fear of never ending piracy, the Big Six publisher groups have handed over the key to their kingdom’s treasure to Amazon. And with the success of Kindle, Amazon has further more keep the treasure in their own walled of garden. It’s like one of those classic story of medieval era, the fight between knights, dragons and evil warlords for the goodness of innocent people. Only this time, the readers are the one being sacrificed.

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