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It’s the only way

December 7, 2011

Mat Honan from Gizmodo think Siri is Apple’s broken promise because it is being portrait as a perfect and finished feature in tv ads:

Were this Google, or Microsoft, I’d shrug. But it’s not, it’s Apple. And Apple is the company that sells perfection. It’s a company that usually keeps its promises, and in its Siri ads, it promises far more than what it actually delivers.

And here’s a good answer from Benoit Mason’s post (via Daring Fireball) on that matter:

… Siri’s software could not have been fine-tuned and thoroughly tested in the lab prior to a glorious release. It had to be released in its current form, to get exposure to as much variability as possible all the way from the acoustics to the interpretation of natural language.

It makes sense, Apple as a company known for its perfection had to release Siri as Beta because it’s the only way to improve it and to make it perfect.

* Note: the iPhone’s Siri photo above is courtesy of Roger Smith.

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