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Google please be evil

December 27, 2011

James Kendrick at ZDNet on how to fix the Android update mess:

I firmly believe that money is at the root of the Android update fiasco. It costs a lot of money for OEMs to update a device, and to support that new OS version going forward. So let’s account for that cost up front and charge Android device owners for major OS updates.

Google would never do that, because they will be evil, and that against their famous mantra.

MG Siegler on James’ idea above:

Bottom line: this will never happen. Even if it did, how would that $400 million be divided? The OEMs would probably fight about that for several months — before they released it to the carriers to fight about for several months. 

All of them; the OEMs and the carriers will fight for that much of money like dogs fight over a meaty bone. And there will be nothing much left for Android device owners, meaning they’re not going to get the decent updates though they have paid for it.

* Note: Photo above is courtesy of Steve Rhodes.

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