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About that newly announced iPhone 5

September 14, 2012


No, no. That’s not my feeling of the new iPhone 5, that’s my reaction when I saw it looks exactly like the prototype built from those leaked parts.

Alright, first of the business is for me to admit I mistook my chance and to say I was wrong.

So is that mean Apple loosing their grip to control the leaks? I’m beginning to sense it that way, not that they’re giving up, certainly not, but they just couldn’t control the leaks. It’s not a disaster for Apple, but certainly hurt Apple in building that level of excitement when nobody knew what it was going to look like.

The iPhone introduction was all about its physical look [trade dress], not the hardware, not the software, but its look. No matter how much Phil Schiller pounded on its better internals during the event, or how much Scott Forstall explained the best features of iOS 6, it was supposed to be its physical look that matters most.

Aside from the 4-inch display that makes the iPhone 5 taller, not wider, there is not much to differentiate it from its predecessors. It does look different when seen from its back with that shiny glass band on the top and bottom, but it’s a subtle difference. So is the new Lightning connector, replacing the old 30-pin connector, it’s a minor thing for people to notice.

A lot of people, including me, was asking ourselves why couldn’t Apple completely redesign the look of the iPhone? The answer is far from complex, it’s because Apple has found the best design for iPhone. They have managed to marry the unibody (the antenna integrated into the frame) with glass into one beautiful and sleek product, it’s not an easy feat to do and that’s why no one had done it before Apple made it into reality.

Is this mean we’ll be stuck seeing the iPhone like it is now? I doubt it, because Apple is the only company that is not afraid to make huge changes even to one of its best money makers, it is in fact the only company who have that kind of balls.

And I strongly believe the iPhone design will someday have a direct impact on its name, on the contrary of the iPad last naming which stop after number “2”, Apple will keep numbering the next iPhone like it did with iPhone 5. Why? Because for all of us, a higher number means a newer and better product from before.

The iPhone is being used by professors who teach at universities, businessmen at Wall Street, teachers at kindergarten, supermodels at fashion show, workers at factory, and of course Apple loyal users everywhere. It’s easier for everyone to acknowledge that this iPhone is newer and better than the one before, even if they look the same, because of the numbering.

As simple as that. And thus, this one is called the iPhone 5.

“This is the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone.”  –  Tim Cook

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