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Google OS

September 20, 2012

Alibaba’s CTO Wan Jian vents his anger toward Android boss Andy Rubin’s comments in an open letter (translated via Techweb):

“Today, Android Open Source Project has been changed by Google to exist entirely as a Google OS to serve the company’s own benefit. ….. The Open Handset Alliance (OHA) has become Google’s tool to restrict innovation by handset makers.”

Wait for it, this is the best part:

“We regret that the development direction of Aliyun conflicts and competes with that of Google OS. However this is the direction and outcome pursued by all of us who adhere to an open mindset. We will continue to stand by our belief.”

Allow me to translate what Wan is really saying: “Fuck me? No, fuck you Google.”

I smell blood, a war is coming. Goodie.

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