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About that newly announced 4th-gen iPad, iPad mini and new iMac

October 28, 2012

This is the second time around I’m not wowed again over Apple event, the “We’ve got a little more to show you” event has proven that Apple is losing their grip to control the leaks. The iPad mini was supposed to be the main attraction, the “one more thing”, but thanks to a bunch of photos and images of the device long before the event itself, the thrill was lost. What really surprised everyone were actually the announcement of the 4th-gen iPad and the new slim iMac, no one saw these coming.

4th-gen iPad

The 4th-gen iPad only got a little bump over the last version on specs, but Apple broke the “one-year” upgrade cycle they usually had for the iPad, this saying something. Something like a big thing is coming to iPad, like what iPhone 5 to the iPhone.

Obviously it’s not the Lightning port, what more obvious is Apple’s intend to make the Lightning as the standart port for its mobile devices. It’s already expected, my suspicion started when Apple changed the naming of the 3rd-gen iPad to simply just “new” iPad. I’m glad they didn’t stick to the iPhone’s naming, otherwise this new iPad could have been called iPad 3S. That would be chaotic.

iPad mini

Many would simply dismiss the price as the downfall of the iPad mini, but then again those are the same people who said the same thing about the iPod, iPhone and iPad. They didn’t get it, and still don’t get it, because those people still think that by comparing features and price will determine the success of the device. If that’s what happened in reality, then the iPad would have been a total flop instead of a success.

The same thing goes for this new iPad mini, although it’s too soon to speak now for how it will fair in real use, but here’s one thing for sure: Apple has made the gap of tablet sizes smaller with the iPad mini. Apple now have the complete size form-factor from the iPod/iPhones to the iPad, the iPad mini sits pretty inbetween them and will serve well for consumers who want tablet with small form-factor.

The iPad mini is significantly different from any other Android tablets smaller than the iPad, first it’s a 7.9-inch and secondly its display is particularly wider. A tablet’s most important part is its display and the iPad mini got slimmer bezels width, making it look different than the rest of the competition (even from its bigger brother). Oh, and let’s not forget that Apple uses intelligent software on that display to recognize if your thumb rest on it or trying to interact with it. Why haven’t other vendors think about this, it won’t be long they start copying whatever Apple has done with the iPad mini.

The new slim iMac

Finally the iMac got a refreshingly new update, and it looks gorgeous. By throwing out optical drives, and by learning from the creation of MacBook Air and the iPad, Apple has created a stunning new thin design for the iMac. It’s a jaw dropping experience when I saw Phil Schiller introduced it on the event’s stage.

It’s not just the Mac OS X software that received the influence from iOS, the Mac line-ups are getting the same treatment learnt from Apple’s mobile devices. From the laminated display, to the use of flash storage for the new Fusion Drive feature. We’re seeing a major shift of yet another form-factor in most Apple’s products, and this is just the beginning.

I can’t wait to see what Apple will do to its Apple TV line-up.

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