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Mini on size, big on decision

November 4, 2012

You can read any iPad mini reviews and there’s this one thing they all are lamenting about the diminutive iPad: the lack of Retina display. Is it that important? Let’s just say that once you get used to a Retina display, you don’t want to look at other display. So yes, it is that big of a difference.

Here are two main reasons that I see why Apple don’t put Retina display on the iPad mini: first, they are still facing supply constrain of the Retina display, to add the iPad mini would only worsen the supply. Secondly, Apple need to set a certain tone for the iPad mini; it’s a smaller iPad that just got out yesterday so it would makes sense if it is inferior to its bigger brother. It goes something like this: if you want the best experience of using a tablet then you will definitely choose the iPad, but if you much prefer portability then you’ll definitely love the iPad mini.

It is that simple, the best experience or the best portability, the size of the iPad mini is as close as ‘perfect’.

The iPad mini is the smaller version of iPad 2, except for the Lightning port. In term of performance, I believe the iPad mini will always be a step behind from the iPad, just like the iPod touch to the iPhone. Apple made it that way, and will make sure consumers look them that way too. But will iPad mini ever get the Retina display? Just like the Lightning port, Apple is determined to make Retina display as the standard display across their devices, so it is expected for Apple to put Retina display in the next release of iPad mini.

So how’s it going to be? It’s your call.

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