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C for China

August 25, 2013

C for China

Great Caesar’s ghost! The evidence of once fabled iPhone 5C is beginning to materialized more day by day, the evidence is mounting as the day goes on.

At this point, it is un-officially confirmed Apple will release iPhones with colorful rear-plastic shells. Either it will be called as 5C, or any other number, the acronym letter “C” is suitable because of what it will represent.

The letter “C” in the next iPhone can stand for anything, from “Colors” to “Cheap” or even “Crap”, your pick. But I believe it is more likely to stand as “China” for Apple, and Tim Cook personally.

As we all know it, Apple has been eager to enter the China mobile market at full throttle to no avail, without the support from the biggest mobile carrier in the country: China Mobile. The discussions between the two companies has been kept in secret, but it’s obvious that China Mobile wanted to sell a cheaper new iPhone instead of the cheaper old iPhone.

China Mobile wanted to sell the newest iPhone, but it won’t pay the substitution fee set by Apple. So that leaves iPhone 4 and 4S out of the math, and Apple has to think of a new strategy. That’s where the iPhone 5C makes an entrance, it just fits in especially in the market flooded with cheap Android phones and knockoffs.

No one can deny how lucrative the potential of China market, it’s huge and China Mobile knows it holds the grand key. If the iPhone 5C succeed, Apple will have its biggest paycheck, and it will be Tim Cook’s personal satisfaction.

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