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iWatch as a TV by Apple

September 1, 2013

Jonny Haskins at Pixel Lounge make a smart yet compelling case no one has thought of before:

Now let’s brainstorm some names here.  iTV…. Oh. No, first hurdle!  That is Channel 3 in the UK already!  “Apple TV” has a better ring to it than that but it’s already associated with their current offering.  I guess it could be refreshed.  Other ideas such iFilm and iMovies simply don’t have the charm of its eloquent brand sounding names but then, wait a minute, what about iWatch?  Boom, there you go.  It’s primarily a content based medium allowing you the freedom to watch whatever you wish.  The global acquisition of the iWatch name was always going to grab attention.  It has everyone scouring over the concept of a wristwatch, but it’s a genius marketing ploy.

He got a quite long argument, but still if you can bear to read it, somehow it does make sense. If Apple can actually pull that kind of stunt, it will surely send another nice surprise to the tech industry. No, in fact it will send a tidal wave of shock to the competitors.

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