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The importance of China market

September 4, 2013

The importance of China market

You’re not seeing a double, or a Chinese translated Apple’s September 10, 2013 invitation. What it is (as reported by Sina Tech) an actual Apple invitation to the China medias for a special event on September 11, 2013 at Beijing’s World Trade Center.

This is big, bigger than a new iPhone (5S), cheaper iPhone (5C), or new Apple TV (iWatch). Because Apple never before held any other major events, especially unveiling of new products kind of event, more than once.  And to hold it at other country than the US, that never happen before.

For Apple to make the same announcement at China just a day after, that shows how important the market there. Apple is taking very serious on how it will handle the biggest mobile market in the world, not to mention China Mobile as one of the market’s toughest gate keepers. This is a crucial step, not just because Apple as the most recognized brand, it’s also Apple will become the first tech giant outside China to make its brand more welcome there.

Why is it giants like Apple and Samesung beaten by Xiaomi in China? Why is it Xiaomi able to rose so fast in such short time, even though its phones and ecosystems are inferior from Apple and Samesung? The answer is very simple, it’s because Xiaomi is a home grown company, obviously it introduces and launches its newest products in China first. Thus giving the Chinese people a sense of exclusivity of owning the latest Xiaomi’s gadgets. Sounds familiar?

So far, Xiaomi has been successfully market its brand by stealing and mimicking every tricks in Apple’s playbook. Even down as low as to copying the late Steve Jobs’ philosophies by Xiaomi’s own CEO, Lei Jun. With the September 11, 2013 invitation, Apple is set to right this wrong.

The special event in Beijing, is Apple saying it will treat the China market equally as such the US market from now on. Xiaomi should be worried, because next week holiday is over. As for Samesung, this is one hell of a bad news, there’s no other way than follow Apple’s step as usual and do the same thing.

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