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Apple take all the heat from antitrust case conclusion

September 7, 2013

Greg Sandoval reporting for The Verge:

US District Judge Denise Cote made good on her promise to install a third party to monitor Apple’s operations and ensure that the company complies with antitrust laws. The judge also required Apple to sever any agreements with the top five book publishers that restrict retail ebook prices in any way, and prohibited Apple from entering into any similar agreements for up to four years.

Ok, good. Let Apple take all the heat, let those five book publishers cowardly hide their heads in the sand, let Amazon get all the profitable deals with those cowards, and let users pay more on e-books. History will record Denise Cote as one stupid judge of this century, it’s also recorded that Cote is a biased judge for this antitrust case against Apple as reported by Philip Elmer-DeWitt.

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