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S for Security

September 9, 2013

S for Security

The next iPhone, if Apple goes along with its tradition, is called as the 5S.

Despite all of the rumors of higher naming numbers (6 or 7) in the past couple of days, I don’t see any reasons for Apple to change the way it upgrades the iPhone now. The iPhone 5 was just introduced less than a year ago, it is the “biggest thing” ever happened to the iPhone, until the next iPhone unveiled tomorrow of course. To change its name to a higher number means there will be physical changes, just like Apple did it with the 3G, 4 and then 5.

It’s hard to change a popular design on yearly time line, and to perfect it in each iterations is literally pain in the ass. And there are so many things that Apple wanted to make perfect inside the next iPhone, two things users will first notice are it’s going to be faster and have better battery life, all thanks to the new A7 chip.

And, if the leaks of iPhone 5S parts are true, then there’s going to be a new feature worth waiting for; a fingerprint reader in the iPhone’s home button. Mikey Campbell (AppleInsider) dug up more info surrounding AuthenTec acquisition by Apple in 2012 and find an interesting theory:

As for utility, the sensor design wouldn’t force users to swipe the home button to authenticate, but would have the module read the print while a user presses the button to wake the phone from sleep. In other words, the security factor would take place seamlessly. No new gestures to learn, just enhanced functionality, transparent to the user.

That feels like Apple we’re all familiar with, perfecting things to the point it become the only natural way to do it. The fingerprint readers we’ve been using, mostly installed in business laptops, are hard to use because of their nature of design driven by industrial standard, not by ease of use.

In the past, the “S” tagged in each name is intended for the special feature. In 3GS it was for “Speed”, in 4S it means “Siri”, and this time it will be “Security”.

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