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The gold standards of 5s

September 16, 2013

The gold standards of 5s

The most forward-thinking smartphone in the world, that’s how Apple describes its newest refreshed iPhone; the 5s. That’s not hyperbolic, and you can even translate it literally as it is said, I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Despite all of the controversies sparked by Apple-haters who said they’re disappointed by the 5s and 5c, most of them simply don’t know what the 5s is bringing up to the table (and 5c too). Those naysayers were expecting unicorns complete with wings, what they expected are the rumored iWatch, a new Apple TV and a completely redesigned iPhone or perhaps a new iPad as well. Just like Samsung did with its Galaxy line-ups, now I don’t know why Samsung can get away with its dumbwatch (aka. Galaxy Gear) and mediocre updates to its Note and Tab, maybe because it’s Samsung and not Apple, if it is Apple there must be plenty of roars.

The first and foremost thing that makes 5s as the most forward-thinking iPhone is its A7 chip, a 64-bit chip capable of churning up a desktop-like computing prowess in its stretch of a palm body. That’s insane. I think Phil Schiller should have put more attenuation when he revealed this 64-bit A7 chip on the stage, he did mention how it took years for desktop computers to reached 64-bit class, while this is the first time it actually made into a smartphone. Here’s the most common question when someone heard a 64-bit chip in a smartphone: why, why would I need it? It’s because of what that chip can bring to iPhone, since Apple is putting in three power-hungry features to the 5s: Touch ID, improved iSight camera, and iOS 7.

The next thing is Touch ID, capable of scanning multiple fingerprints in 360 degrees, a new way to secure and unlock your iPhone effortlessly. The fingerprints then stored in a special part within the A7 chip, never backed-up or even uploaded to the iCloud. Not only for securing the fingerprints, the A7 chip’s power-horse is needed to speed-up the process of the registered fingerprints. How’s this not forward thinking, it’s leap-frogging all other competitors because not only Apple got it right first but also the Touch ID is very hard to copy. Hint: Apple bought the company behind the technology and you betcha, Apple patented it. This why Bob Mansfield was asked to un-retire, his fingerprints are all over the A7 chip. Truly a masterpiece.

The speed prowess of the A7 chip also proves to be more than capable of processing each camera takes with the iSight, even with that, Apple didn’t stop there but instead put a specially dedicated image signal processor within the chip that its only job is to focus on processing the images taken. Like Schiller showed on the presentation slides, the 5s actually takes several images when users use the camera and choose the best image. What users will experience is an insanely fast taking pictures with the 5s, with much-much better results than previous iPhones and 5c too. Again, effortlessly.

Last but not the least, is iOS7 that will take a huge advantage from the 64-bit A7 chip. Jony Ive’s first signature on the iOS 7 is simplicity in a profound complexity, to make something so simple but with so many depth takes a heavy toll on the main processor chip. So Apple had more than enough reasons to switch to the 64-bit processor, the upcoming iOS 7 won’t be able to truly shine its true colors if there’s even a single lag and by pushing the envelope further to 64-bit realm, Apple is making sure it will take users glide like butter on hot aluminum plate.

And not to be forgotten there’s M7 chip as well which will take care motion sensing from 5s movement when used and asleep, this M7 chip will add significant improvement to the battery life of the 5s.

With all of those above, how can someone say the 5s is a disappointment and Apple is done innovating, or Apple is out-maneuvered by Google (Android) and Samsung. It’s either they can’t see it, or they refuse to admit it. Those seemingly incremental updates in 5s, those are the little things that will do real wonders in everyday usage. And that’s only Apple can do, what Apple is (still) best at.

Oh, and one more thing. Just in case you haven’t notice it, the 5s comes in a stunningly gold color, and it looks amazingly gorgeous when stacked together with the other two colors.

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