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Surface second chance

September 24, 2013

Surface second chance

Tim Stevens (CNET) scored an interview with engineers and designers of the new Surface 2:

The designer I spoke with told me, “Our goal was just to make the best hardware out there. That’s a pretty hefty goal….Coming into this market that’s so saturated, I think we expected mixed reviews.”

It’s not the hardware of the Surface we’re complaining about, most of us who have handled a Surface agree its hardware is above average, it’s the OS we’re not very fond of. This second generation of Surface is all about the improvement of its hardware and accessories, but not the Windows 8. Yes, it will get the Windows 8.1 update, but judging from the early beta versions of 8.1, it’s not exactly the huge upgrade Windows 8 need.

And Microsoft stubbornly still try to convince users with two options for Surface: Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro, all in the name “productivity”. Haven’t they learned anything from the $900 million write off for the unsold Surface stock?

But here’s a little credit for the Surface designers; the logo branding on the back is now changed to “Surface” name, not the Windows logo anymore.

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