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Amazon to launch three new Kindle Fires

September 25, 2013

Amazon to launch new Kindle Fire

JP Mangalindan got an exclusive peek of Amazon’s new Kindle Fires with Jeff Bezos:

The revamped Fire HD also warrants attention. Just as Apple took many of the iPhone 5’s components and wrapped them up in the 5c’s “unapologetically plastic,” candy-colored body, the Fire HD takes the same 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and 1,280 by 800 resolution display in last year’s high-end model, repackages them in a soft-coated, plastic chassis resembling this year’s HDX, and sells it for $139.

Funny isn’t it, why everyone has to compare every new devices with the iPhone.

And here’s one feature in the new Kindle Fire HDX which catches my attention:

Enter Mayday, a new, free 24/7 tech support service available over WiFi for HDX owners. Bezos gets excited as he taps a virtual button on his demo unit, and voila: in seconds, a tech support employee named Dylan pops up in a small video chat window. Not only can employees offer virtual face-to-face advice on how to use a certain tablet feature, they can actually control the tablet, too, drawing arrows to menu options, even doing things like upping or dimming brightness at the users’ request.

This is Amazon’s take on the famous Apple Genius Bar service, since Amazon doesn’t have the same brick-and-mortar channels like Apple, it emphasizes its on-line service. Pretty clever, but still nothing beats an eye-to-eye customer service in the flesh.

Jeff Bezos explained the philosophy behind the making of those new Kindle Fires:

“People want one device that allows them to do their job and is their entertainment device,” says Bezos. “They don’t want to carry one for their job and entertainment consumption.”

Then Amazon should have made just one Kindle Fire, instead they’re now offering three of them.

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