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Bad grandma

September 27, 2013

Having reached age 72, didn’t make Martha Stewart soft at all, instead she’s taking the hard way to deal with the patent troll Lodsys, as reported by GigaOM. Perhaps one of the most astute comments on her action came from one commenter named H. Murchison:

Are these fools crazy. Martha’s done jail time. She’s a bad bad woman.

I’d say a “bad grandma”.

Doing so, Martha actually make a lot of people happy, especially small app developers. But then, she made a fool of herself not so long ago when she tweeted that she broke her iPad, and demanded Apple customer service to pick it up and fix it, presumably for free since Steve Jobs gave the iPad.

She’s still at it as of this writing, you can read all of her ridiculous rants from Steve Kovach’s page. And Martha still insisting Apple to fix her broken iPad, looks like at her age doesn’t make her soft but grumpier.

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