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How BlackBerry blew it

September 29, 2013

How BlackBerry blew it

Fascinating story from The Globe and Mail, it tells the roller-coaster history of what’s not and what could have saved BlackBerry after the iPhone introduced in 2007. But here are two of the most glaring omissions on what’s wrong with the new BlackBerry 10:

Many long-time BlackBerry users found that the new system was too different from the classic BlackBerry experience for their liking. …..

….. Software developers were left with dead-end investments after learning they would have to rewrite their apps for the new system if they wanted to remain part of the BlackBerry world. Many simply didn’t bother.

Change is hard, it was for iOS users to accept the new iOS 7, but the problem for BlackBerry 10 is that it’s a completely different platform compared to BB OS 7, hence the problem in the second point above. The bottom line: BlackBerry 10 was way late, and even it has arrived there isn’t enough time now.

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