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After all these years, still a copycat

October 8, 2013

Matthew Panzarino got a good memory when he saw Samsung’s latest ad for its dumbwatch:

When I saw the spot for the first time last night during the ‘Niners game I immediately saw a resemblance to Apple’s ‘Hello’ spot introducing the iPhone. That spot was originally aired during the Oscars in 2007 and also featured a supercut of old movies, with a series of people saying “hello” into phones of the time.

The resemblance is uncanny, coincidence? I’m affraid I’m old enough not to believe in coincidences anymore, kudos to WilmerHale’s Bill Lee to coined that line.

Matthew also did good on the dumbwatch’s ad called “Evolution“:

In what is a moment of incredible irony, the clips that Samsung chose for its spot actually make the Gear look pretty terrible in comparison. The gadgets in those clips and movies did amazing, wonderful things like communicating across vast areas of space and analyzing the environment. Only a few of them were actually ‘phones’ — which is how Samsung pitches the Gear.

Well said. Now, after watching the ad I’d much rather have the Predator’s “deadly-watch”.

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