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BlackBerry Z30 reviewed by The Next Web

October 18, 2013

Ben Woods writes:

However, while I love the Z30 as an actual tool for SMS, email and other messaging, BlackBerry 10 devices have never been the quickest at booting-up to a usable state, in this case, to a point where the BlackBerry Hub was open and showing messages. On average, it took 1 minute 40 seconds exactly to get to that point, which seems somewhere between ‘a little slow’ and ‘actually really quite annoying’ for me. Perhaps you’re more patient though.

Ben doesn’t say BBM, instead he mention “other messaging”, and he doesn’t seem use it much during his review. This shows two things; if you put a BlackBerry in user’s hand nowadays, he/she will use “other messaging” not the BBM that came with the smartphone. Why? That’s because BBM has become boring, compared to the “other messaging” services.

And about that Z30’s slow boot-up, it was one of the bad things about old BlackBerry smartphones in the past, but it turns out BlackBerry can’t iron it out even in its latest flagship smartphone. Shame on you BlackBerry.

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