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Surface 2’s kickstand is its best feature

October 21, 2013

I’ve been toying around Surface 2 for more than a week, and after comparing it from the original Surface, I can safely say this: the kickstand’s new lower angle is the best thing about the Surface 2.

Yes, the performance is zippier thanks to its Tegra 4 processor, but I don’t need it because this is a tablet (I don’t care even if Microsoft calls it as a PC) so I don’t multi-task with it and there’s no apps to take advantage the Tegra 4’s prowess.

Sure the 1920 x 1080 display is a welcome upgrade, but everything besides the Metro UI (or Start UI as Microsoft calls it) feels cramped. Especially if you’re using the desktop UI then the icons, scroll down bar and drop-down menu become so tiny you don’t want to use them, let alone see them anymore.

And that takes us to Windows 8.1, there’s not much of difference from previous version in term of experience, except that the new OS feels a bit faster and apps are less likely to crash anymore. But then there isn’t much exciting new apps to download and use in Windows 8.1 ecosystem, so the most apps you’ll use are the stock Office apps that come with the Surface.

Is the second time’s the charmer for Surface? No, it’s not.

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