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HTC management in turning point

October 22, 2013

Cher Wang, HTC’s co-founder and chairwoman has decided to step-in and help CEO Peter Chou with his day-to-day duties (via Financial Times):

“I have become very focused in the past couple of months. Before that I was too busy. I took on too many things. I need to be more focused on innovation and [the] product portfolio.”

It’s unclear at this point, whether Cher Wang is going to share the CEO title with Peter Chou or simply take on one of the vacant exec titles.

Four HTC’s senior executives left the company in recent months: Chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera, COO Matthew Costello, Asia CEO Lennard Hoornik and Head of its Global PR Lorain Wong.

HTC is losing its exec-lineups faster than it can recover its profit, Cher Wang basically steps-in to tackle the jobs that are left behind by those execs. It’s a clear sign if that many execs are leaving in such short time, sometimes it’s because of they don’t get along with the leader, but most of the time it’s because the ship is shinking.

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