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Someone in Apple need a slap

October 23, 2013

Brian X. Chen reporting for NYT Bits about how an edited documentary video; “The Dark Side of the iPhone 5S Lines,” by Casey Neistat was being used internally by Apple to thank its customer care officials who focus on troubleshooting iOS. Apparently Casey’s name was removed from the edited video, he feels violated and betrayed especially since he’s an Apple fan himself:

“I’ve never had my work stolen so adversely as this. They stripped all my branding off it and put their own name on it in such a harsh way.”

Less than a week later, Casey received a cheeky gift from Nokia; a Lumia 1020 with special note that reads (he posted the gift at Instagram):

“Casey – We know it sucks when you have your ideas ripped off… Stay original, Casey, and we hope you will consider capturing some new moments on this. If you’re into it… let’s do something together! Truly, Your friends at Nokia.”

If the incidence is true, then obviously someone in Apple fucked this up, and everyone who’s responsible for the awful edited video should step out, take responsibility and get a nice hard slap in the face. And hopefully, Apple fix this quickly.

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