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BBM for iPhone and Android verdict

October 26, 2013

After five days of use on both iPhone and Android, I’ll say for certain about the new BBM app: it’s fast, but because it only got basic functionality for instant messaging. There’s no stickers, no video call, and you can’t share contacts or calendar with it. On the other side, it got all the things you used to love about BBM: group, ping, and send/share photos.

The best experience from using the BBM app is that you can get in touch with the contacts and groups in your old BlackBerry phones, no hassles, it feels like you just bought a new BlackBerry and start using BBM again. That simple.

The simplicity makes it fun to use BBM again, at a relative’s anniversary event yesterday I asked for everyone’s PIN numbers to add, we were all eagerly share a nostalgic feeling when they started installing the BBM app on their iPhones and Android phones. As soon as they finished adding each other BBM accounts, one of us asked if this mean she could leave her BlackBerry at home and just carry an iPhone. In an instant, we were nodding altogether silently. Afterwards, most of us were busy chatting not on the new BBM app but rather on other instant messaging apps, just a handful posted the photos of the event on their BBM Groups.

That’s worrisome for BlackBerry, because the only way for an instant messaging app to succeed is to engage as many active users as it can, not just by the size of its users base. I’m beginning to suspect if that is why the new BBM app feels faster to use lately…

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