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The very niche market of Nintendo

October 28, 2013

Andrew Webster (The Verge) reviews the Nintendo 2DS:

It’s a simple piece of plastic that looks better suited to keeping a door open than prolonged Pokemon sessions. But once it’s in your hand it’s comfortable, and the surprisingly heavy top half gives it a satisfying weight. It may look like a toy, but once you start playing it doesn’t feel like one.

It’s easier to disparage the Nintendo 2DS, it takes a quite wide mind to see what it really represent. Its look, its games, and its quirks are all meshed up into an odd little game-pad in today’s huge ocean of smartphones. But yet, Nintendo stays true to its origin, its game-pads and its list of available games are its testimonies that classic games live on even against the tidal of modern games.

Hopefully you’ll survive Nintendo, I really do.

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