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The real reason FuelBand sticks with the iPhone

November 1, 2013

The real reason why there's no FuelBand app for Android

Paul Sawers asked Stefan Olander, Nike’s VP of Digital Sport, why they haven’t develop FuelBand app for Android:

“As we’re looking forward, for us it’s really about making sure we have a great experience. We have nothing against Android. Our running app [Nike+ Running] is on both iOS and Android, and we have learned a lot from that – at the end of the day, you really do get reach. But for us it’s quality first, scale second. If we can’t guarantee quality to a number of our users, we’ll wait until the platform is ready. And right now, we don’t believe the effort is worth the return, for Bluetooth LE. And we want to do it really, really well for iOS.”

The first keyword is “quality“, then Paul reviews the new Nike+ FuelBand SE and this is his take on its price tag:

For now, the $149 asking price can be juxtaposed against the $99 Withings Pulse, the new Fitbit Force ($129.95) and the Jawbone Up ($129.99). Nike is sticking to its premium guns, and wants to keep the FuelBand pegged as a superior product, and a subtle fashion accessory for those with money to burn.

The next keywords are “superior product“, and “a subtle fashion accessory“. Sounds familiar? No wonder Nike sticks with the iPhone, their products compliment each other perfectly.

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