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iPad Air verdict

November 4, 2013

iPad Air verdict

After toying for about three days, I’ll say this out loud about the iPad Air: it is ridiculously thin! It is also feels a lot lighter than the iPad 4, not at the first minute you use it, but after you hold it for a while.

The other thing you’ll instantly notice when you pick it up is its narrow bezel, just like the bezel in iPad mini. Because of that, the iPad Air feels much leaner, especially compared to the other 9.7-inch iPads.

Lighter and leaner, no wonder Apple calls it the iPad Air.

I enjoy so much holding the iPad Air, I keep making excuses to use it whenever I can, even for a minute or two. The difference of the weight and the wide, changes everything we thought of how the iPad is. Those two factors are game changing.

So is it worth a buy? Yes. Because this is the once-in-a-while when Apple change the physical of the iPad, unlike the iPad 3 and 4 which kept the same dimension, the iPad Air has notably different appearances. And it’s blazing fast too, the 64-bit A7 chip inside makes the iPad Air run everything faster and smoother.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the iPad Air also got the M7 chip for detecting motion, the chip also help to reserve battery life while the iPad Air is not in use.

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