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Remember to look in the mirror

November 12, 2013

Remember to look in the mirror

There’s an interesting thread at Quora which is filled with stories from people who randomly met Steve Jobs (hats-off to Jim Edwards), although the stories might not be true still they’re fun to read. And here’s my favorite, written by Michell Smith:

I wrote an impassioned email to Steve at Pixar, pleading with him to find something else to do with his time. “Please,” I implored him, “don’t come back to Apple, you’ll ruin it.”

Shortly thereafter, Steve emailed me. He explained what he was trying to do, and that he was trying to save Apple.

And then he wrote the words I’ll never forget:

“You may be right. But if I succeed, remember to look in the mirror and call yourself an asshole for me.”

Consider it done, Steve. I could not have been more mistaken.

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