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The offending case of Typo

January 21, 2014

David Pierce (The Verge) reviews the Typo keyboard:

But the only thing that really matters is that the Typo isn’t a good keyboard. Its four rows of backlit, angled, slightly raised black keys with white letters and borders may look suspiciously (and perhaps illegally) like they were lifted from a BlackBerry, but there’s no confusing the two. The Typo’s keys wobble in place, and have too much travel and a harsh, ugly bottoming-out feeling.

Why on earth they make it look like a BlackBerry is beyond comprehension, there are other ways to design great keyboard and although they know that they still go with this design. They think mashing up two device’s best feature is a good idea, this shows how inept they really are. Not only the Typo keyboard is poorly built, it also makes the iPhone to look like a big-sized-screen BlackBerry phone strapped with its full sized keyboard, which is not even the BlackBerry will build because it’s too friggin’ big/long.

According to Pierce’s review, there are two more cruxs of using the Typo: first is battery life of the iPhone becomes shorter, and user can’t use Touch ID since the Typo blocks the iPhone’s home button.

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