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Apple’s self confidence

February 24, 2014

When Facebook announced they acquire WhatsApp for cool $19 billion, Jay Yarrow is trying to make sense of Apple’s 14 billion boring share buyback:

It (Apple) is sitting on a mountain cash and its most exciting idea for that cash is buying Apple shares, which aren’t looking like a particularly great investment lately.

There’s nothing out there, nothing at all?, that Apple sees and thinks is worth buying?

Actually, Apple is buying the only company it think is worth buying: Apple itself.

Facebook had to buy Instagram and WhatsApp because its popularity is in decline these days, and also because Facebook doesn’t have any new exciting products that can compete with those two apps, Facebook is running out of new ideas and most important: time. Instagram was gaining momentum with teens who are bored with Facebook, and even after Facebook acquired the app, its popularity is still heading down hill. Now Mark Zuckerberg thinks WhatsApp can bring the cool back to Facebook, and about 450 million WhatsApp users to Facebook’s embrace.

But Apple, on the other hand, already have everything. It lead the pack with its hardwares: iPod, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, all of which got services like iMessages and FaceTime tied within those hardwares as stock apps. And who knows what Apple got in store next, Apple has been always ahead one-two steps from everyone, if you’re Tim Cook you’ll do the same thing: buy those shares back because your company is the smartest and longest-running investment available out there.

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