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Where is it stored?

February 25, 2014

Samsung put a “me-too” fingerprint security into the new Galaxy S5, but unlike the iPhone 5S’ revolutionary TouchID sensor, it’s an invisible swipe sensor. Emil Protalinski reporting for TNW:

As you can see, a simple swipe of the finger will let you log into your PayPal account to shop and pay while on the go. PayPal says it will provide a secure wallet in the cloud and won’t store personal information on the device. This might just end up being the killer feature Samsung is hoping for.

One question: where exactly are those fingerprint scans stored in the phone? Again, unlike Apple who clearly explained it where they store fingerprint scans within secure enclave in the A7 processor, Samsung doesn’t say much about how they secure those fingerprint scans within the Galaxy S5.

With so many malware apps written for Android every day, it’s only a matter of time until those fingerprints stolen. And knowing how “secure” Android is, for hackers it’s like snatching candy from a child. This might ends up killing the feature itself that Samsung hasn’t thought of, it’s a price to pay being just a copy-cat.

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